WD Cloud Home and Acronis True Image 2020 - Problems


i have got myself a WD Cloud Home with 4 TB (https://tinyurl.com/y3d6huuy) for me and my family. I want to backup 2 PC and 2 Smartphones with it. I want to use the incremental backup feature as well. I got some problems after i setup the configuration with the Cloud Home and True Image 2020.

1.) I installed WD discorvery and this tool mapped me the folder on the Cloud Home to Z:. When i want to use Acronis True Image with it then i cant choose the Z:\ drive with TI. The drive is not recognized with TI2020.)
2.) When i manually map the Cloud Home as a network folder then the backup procedure wont start.
3.) I cant use the TI version for WD Drive because the Cloud Home is not recognized. The WD version of TI wants a local drive from wd to be connected. Is there a workaround for this problem?

Maybe someone can explain me to me how it should work. I thought the Cloud Home is just a NAS with the Cloud feature. When i use the Discoverytool i get my Z:\ drive which seems to be not accessible when i manually map the Cloud home as a network drive?!

Maybe someone got it some experience with True Image 2020 and WD Cloud Home and maybe be so nice to help me get started with it. :slight_smile:

I think this device does not work like a normal NAs but more of a home cloud storage device which on its own is fine.

But you will not get any of the features of NAS itself.

The only way it works is to install the WD Discovery on the PC and the My Cloud App on the smart phone.
You Setup the device create an account, then as the master account, you can add other uses to your device where there will have there own private space for backing on there files as well as there own Z drive on there computers.

The only software that works are the one that is supplied by WD and the use of there web interface when installing software on the My Cloud home device itself.

This device is quite limited in what it can do, and is geared towards to casual users and layman.