Acronis True Image WD Edition -- FAIL!

I was trying to familiarize myself with the software that I’m using with my new WD 10ears internal HDD. I’'ve got the drive working alright, imaged my old drive onto it fine. Now, several weeks later I want to learn what controt I have over the drive with the Acronis software. Problem is, every time I try to execute the program my PC goes into reboot mode…shuts down and the program never does open.

Anyone have any suggestions?



Uninstall the application and download again, also if possible disable any antivirus during the installation.


OK. Tried that twice now.

Because there is no “Uninstall Acronis” in the program folder, I used the Control panel. No luck. Both times I got a BSOD with some cryptic error message about an IO error.

Any other suggestions?

You might try the Revo Uninstaller  Or try uninstalling in safe mode from the control panel. Also look in startup and make sure there are no Acronis processes starting at boot.


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One more thing if you continue to have problems try looking over at the Acronis forums. They have a lot of helpful stuff there. I use the paid version 2010.


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I found that the reason I couldn’t uninstall Acronis_WD was that there was a conflict with an old ZipDrive install.

Once I uninstalled the old Zip install, Acronis_WD could then be removed via the control panel.

Then I re-installed Acronis_WD and it works as it should.

Thanks to all for your help!