Acronis True Image - Failed to install

I have purchase a WD harddisk with a free True Image WD Edition software.

Am trying to install it into my Sony notebook with Window Vista 32 bit. When I try to install the True Image WD Edition. It can not detect the WD harddisk and failed to install. (WD harddisk already formatted and can read by my computer as a USB disk drive) Can you help/experince on how can I install the True Image WD Edition software to my notebook computer. How can the software detect the WD harddisk?
My harddisk is 2.5" Scorpio Blue 500G harddisk

Part of the problem is this is an older version of Acronis 2009 I think. It’s also a hybrid product so it’s not that well updated. Acronis removed some things and WD added some and handle the updates. The last update by WD was in July. When you tried to install this did you disable your AV? That can be troublesome on some of this type of software. Did you look in the user’s manual to see if there was anything useful there? Since it’s the free version about the only help you can expect from Acronis is what you can find in there forum. I use the paid 2010 version and they have good support if you are having issues.


I have check the user manual, seems like it doesn’t mention a lot about the step before the installation of software. But more on after. Will try to disable the AV. Keep you post on the result.

4 weeks already~!! What was the result?