Acronis WD True Image doesn't install

I have read Grover’s posts and he has some great information.  I’m running Win7 Ultimate 8GB 64bit system. I have two WD1001FAL in a mirrored (Raid 1) configuration. I have come to find out that due to a variety of issues this isn’t a supported config and I need to break that mirror up. So before I do that I wanted to get a image copy. I’ve been trying to install WD True Image and it isn’t recognizing the drives and fails to install. I tried installing the SNAPAPI drivers and that didn’t work either. Am I in a catch 22 situation here. Break up the mirrors and it will install? Thanks for your time.

It’s not an uncommon problem this is kind of an orphan probuct. It’s an older version of Acronis that they don’t support since WD made changes and they don’t support it very well either. If you have the Paid Acronis they make custom images for rescue CD and special driver packs. With these image/clone products it’s best to run from the rescue CD. Paragon and Macrium have free versions I don’t know if they would work for you or not.