Acronis or WD Software or Both?

Hi Everyone,

I just bought a new WD Essential external drive that I want to use only for backing up my laptop’s internal. I’m really new to this, and came across a couple of questions, so thought I should stop and ask before I even plug the thing in.

  1. If I use the Acronis software, do I need the WD software installed at all, or can Acronis do all of the backup features of the WD software? I read the Acronis manual and it seems pretty inclusive, but again, I’m pretty ignorant here, so ease plays a factor. I just want my stuff safe. :slight_smile:

  2. One reason I found the Acronis software at all is because I suppose I should make a clone in case my drive fails. I read somewhere in researching (here maybe? Can’t find it now…) that if I try to restore my cloned drive from my WD Essential back to an internal that isn’t a WD drive, it won’t work. Is that the case? Or is it fine as long as a WD drive is connected and somewhere ‘in the loop?’ Seems crazy if not.

Thanks for your thoughts. It’s a bit daunting setting this up because I don’t want there to be any problems if I ever actually need to do the restore. 

The 2 programs are very different. Smartware only backs up select file types not the whole system. As far as the Acronis if you are talking about the WD version it’s based on the 2009 edition and will not do incremental backups and the boot CD you make may not work. I use Acronis TI paid I would recomend that. You also need to make the boot CD for it. If you buy it Acronis has an updated ISO you can download. I boot from the CD and make an image not a clone. Restore takes 15-20 min. Acronis also has a very helpful forum for any problems.



Thanks, Joe! Great info and pretty important to know that the boot cd might not work! That’s something I would think should’ve been addressed if WD is offering it to all their customers!

Anyway, you say they’re very different. Do you mean they do completely different things, and I should use both? Or does Acronis make the WD software unnecessary. From the manual, it looked like Acronis does the same things (and more) that the WD software does. I don’t want to install extra software if Acronis can do it all.

Also, though I think you’ve talked me out of it, is it true what I asked about the WD version of Acronis not resotring to a non-WD internal drive (even if the external drive I’m restoring from is WD)?

Thanks again. Sorry I’m a nitwit with this stuff. I just want to make sure I do it right.

I would go with the paid Acronis and not bother with the Smartware. You can do incremental images with it which add any changes since the provious one. I also partition my HD with system and software on one and data on the other. That  way you can restore the system without bothering the data.



Thanks much for the info, Joe. I’m downloading the trial version of True Image 2013 now. There’s a 40% discount for WD users right now, which is nice. And that way I suppose I won’t have to worry about whether it will restore to a WD drive or not. 

Thanks again!