Acronis AND WD Smartware Pro with two drives on PC

I’ve searched the forum, but am still confused.

I have a PC with Windows 7 that has a main SSD drive and another internal drive I use for files, pictures and the like. I just bought the WD 4tb Mybook and am trying to figure out how to totally back up my SSD drive, including system files, along with my file drive.

Do I, or should I, use both WD SmartWare Pro and WD Acronis? Do I need to partition the WD 4TB Mybook and use one partition for just Acronis? I haven’t installed Acronis yet.

I’m usually pretty good with computers, but this wasn’t explained well in the documentation.

Thank you in advance for any help…

I would use Acronis for the system or both. On my external drives I siimply make a file and name it Acronis and store the images there. Some sync software might work better for keeping your data drive files backedup and updated. I use Goodsync. I think MS makes a free one also.