WD Acronis s/w

I guess I originally posted this in the wrong section, trying here.

I dloaded the WD software for cloning my WD drives and unzipped it. I ran the MVPAssistant. I guess I don’t understand the operation because I don’t how THIS program works. Do I need to install Acronis True Image too. I had it but uninstalled it for the WD installation. To me the instructions aren’t clear. I don’t see how to create a USB Rescue drive. Are there some other instructions for the MVPassistant?
Is this WD software the proper way to clone my WD discs? I’m trying to upgrade from a 500gb to 1tb NVMe drive.
Thanks for the help.

That software does not work so well with windows 10

use file history to backup files to a secondary disk

THANK YOU for the help. I was unaware.

Well I think I see what you’re saying. In trying to perform a “Disk and Partition Backup” the program locks up with the rescue usb drive I made and booted from with an external USB drive connected for storage of the image.
Going back to the retail version of ATI to see what happens next.

I ended up using EASEUS TODO software to clone my WD M.2 500gb SATA SSD to my WD SN750 1tb NVMe SSD. Apparently Acronis did not like cloning the drives.
THANKS to all for the help.