Free Acronis with WD drives

Acronis no longer works with my Win 8.

Could you tell me if WD still has a agreement with Acronis so that if you have a WD external drive, you get alimited  Acronis program BUT for  Win 8 also?

Thank you


They still have the old one based on Acronis TI 2009. I donlt know if it will work on Windows 8 or not. It didn’t work on some Windows 7 machines. I would buy a good Image program like Acronis. Paragon, EaseUS, or Macrium. Most have free stripped down versions to try. I make regular images.


I am using the native Win 8 program and Macrium free. I may have to buy for two pcs.

The trouble with the WD Acronis is the age. It came out before Windows 7 was released. So you won’t know if it really works until you try it. WD has updated some of the drivers. My sister’s Windows 7 laptop wouldn’t boot from the boot disk. Personally I’d buy a good image program and do monthly images in case of a disaster. I partition my HD with system and programs on one and data on the other. I use True Image 2010 and can restore in about 15-20 min.


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Sounds good and thank you.

We’re looking into this now.  Have you tried compatibility mode?

I will await to hear. It woud be great. I had to abandon Acronis when I got Win 8 as I did not want to buy another license on principle. I doublt WD is going to that trouble but it would be appreciated.

Watch give away of the day site  they have some good software there occasionally today they have EaseUS Data Recovery Wizzard I’ve seen backup siftware from Paragon, Macrium and EaseUS there at different times.


If I am not mistaken, It does not mention system recovery rather file recovery.

Thank you


I looked into this, and we’re using Acronis with Windows 8 now.  Furthermore, we’re not getting any reports about it not working with 8.  That doesn’t mean that your issue isn’t legitimate, but we may need to make sure that there isn’t other things going on that are causing this issue.  Now, there are OS issues that will prevent Acronis from working.  We always recommend users to do several things when this happens.

Here is a list of things to try:

  1. Run Checkdisk.
  2. Defrag the hard drive.
  3. Run full virus scan.

Now, if it isn’t working after that, then I can have someone contact you to follow up on this.  Also, if there is an error message, that would be useful to get.

Just so you know, we will releasing an updated version of Acronis sometime soon.  However, I don’t have any time frame because it still has to go through it’s testing process.

Thank you for the update. Acronis can find win 8 images but cannot recover them. This is a a given.

Well, now you’re saying something different.  Before you were saying that it just didn’t work.  This is a much more specific issue.  And this means that it is working on some level.  Did you do what I recommended?  If not, then you should do the recommendations, create another image, and then see if it Acronis can recover the images.  If there is corruption or viral infection, then yeah the image won’t be recoverable.

I am sorry if i have misled you. I was in the Acronis forum and other forums and everyone has to buy a license for Win 8. It worked with my old license from XP thru Win 7.

I hope this helps.