Acronis no longer recognizes drives and won’t uninstall

Windows 11, Dell XPS8930.

I have four external USB WD HDDs and two NAS devices that include two WD Red Pro HDD’s. Until today, Acronis recognized these drives and I regularly backed up to a WD Duo.

Unfortunately, Acronis today interfered with an idrive backup, so I decided to uninstall it and then reinstall it after the idrive backup completed. It did not uninstall successfully, so I tried to reinstall so I could uninstall again.

The uninstall routine again (and Acronis cleanup) did not work, so I decided just to keep the reinstalled app on the computer and live with the interfeence with idrive. Now that I have reinstalled, however, Acronis doesn’t recognize any drives despite my continuing to have it rescan.

I can’t use it and can’t reinstall it. Any suggestions?

Hi @MikeRubin,

I request you to please refer to the link mentioned below if Acronis does not see your drive:

Title: Acronis True Image for Western Digital Does Not See My Drive
Link: Acronis True Image for Western Digital Does Not See My Drive

Thank you. I reviewed these possibilities, but I do not think they explain my problem. I understand now that Acronis cannot see the NAS drives, but I have four USB drives that Acronis previously recognized. It is very, very unlikely that all four could have bad cables, for example. Further, all four still appear in WD Backup, which I never deleted, and in WD Discovery .

This issue probably is moot, however. I took advantage of a Best Buy sale yesterday and bought a larger WD USB drive to replace my smallest one. Acronis reinstalled correctly after I connected that new drive. Now, it at least recognizes the new drive by its WD name and all the drives by their assigned letters. It crashes frequently in Windows 11, but it at least can see the drives.