Access to cloud: Disabled

Access to Cloud Disabled.

  1. After firmware upgrade from OS3 to OS 5 (ver. 5.18.117) and I logged in to control panel (Settings → Network) I see message: “Network Status: No Internet access”

  2. I can’t access remotely to the Dashboard from any computer or mycloud app.

  3. Dashboard message shown is: Access to Cloud: Disable.

  4. I can’t create/remove users even as an admin, Time goes out trying to create or log in. ‘Something went wrong, please check that you have an active Internet connection and try again" Is the only message appearing

  5. Is not reading USB external HDD when it was working perfectly

  6. Plex works perfectly

Please share a solution. :sweat_smile: I’m literally only using it to watch plex since everything else is not working.

BTW forgot to say that I’m using My Cloud EX2 Ultra

Some troubleshooting suggestions in the following WD Knowledgebase Article:

My Cloud No Internet Access Message

Hey! Did you find something to solve it?
I have the same problem, BUT, i have status, that i have internet connection in Network profile.
But, i still cant do anything in Cloud Access, it say, that i have no internet connection, error 400

Error 400

What i need to do, if i have no Volume 1?

I have the same problem: Dashboard is showing : Access to Cloud: Disabled.
I can’t access remotely to My Cloud .
I would like to check the ports that must be open at the router configuration (the ports numbers?) . Does anybody have this information?

Try to check here

I have tried with the data you have given me but there has been no success, I continue without remote connection.
Anyway, thank you very much

Nope, still with the same issue :frowning: