Remote access for myCloud problem

Hi. I’ve got a mycloud WDBCTL0040HWT-10 that I’ve had for a few years. It has Firmware 5.21.104.
I can directly access the drive contents through Windows Explorer or Mac finder over my home network, and it is taking backups via the same route, however, I can’t access the remote dashboard anymore, other than directly.

On the dashboard it says Cloud access is disabled on the homepage which explains why I can’t access the web dashboard,. When I follow that arrow and try to activate cloud access I get error 1002 and it won’t initiate. What am I doing wrong? This used to be on and available all the time.

Thanks in advance

Does the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network status section indicate it is connected to the internet?

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Hi - yes the first line on that tab says it has internet access - I’ll take a look athe knowledge articles

The instructions are just the standard - they say to log into your admin user with your mycloud sign in. When I do that, it gives me a message box saying “updating” then about 2minutes later I get the error message I referred to in the original post.


Is this what you want to see? Have you tried ?

What do you have set for this? Settings>Network>Web Dashboard Services.



If nothing works reboot your device and then check the Dashboard. See image below.

If you are shown as signed out then sign in and see what happens.

Hi - yes that’s what I want to see but just says device offline (interestingly I just relogged into and for a brief second the web page showed my device folders, but then went back to offline and no information shown. I do what that setting on dashboard services as you show.

It won’t let me sign into my cloud account to enable the activation of web access. I get this error each time but I don’t know what that means

I do have an active internet connection by the way!

The following WD Knowledge Base Articles may, or may not, have some suggestions.

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Thank you - I’ve done the 40s reset and then done the setup again - seems to all be working as it should again!!! |Very relieved