Access is dennied

I have a WD 1 TB MyBook which I use for backup. Last I used it was 3 months and it was working. I upgraded from Win7 to Win10 last month.Now I can not access it. I get msg

F: Is not Accessible
Access is denied

Device Manager shows:

WD SES device, properties shows “device working properly”. Driver info:
Date 10/9/2015
Driver location C:\windows\system32\drivers\wdcsam64.sys

I try to upgrade driver and system says it is already upgraded.

Disk Management shows the hard drive recognized F: with 2 partitions. One is about 1 TB which is what I expected.

Anyhelp is appreciated. I now

Hi, you will need to take ownership of the entire drive in order for you to be able to access the information, take a look at this and it will explain you how to go about it.

thank you so much. it worked.

Hi, glad to assist. Please be sure to mark the post that helped you as a solution that way any user that might be experiencing the same issue know that this helped.