Old question but new to me: not accessible; access denied

i have owned this drive for years (my passport 500gig)without issue. then i plug it in as usual one day enter the password and i get the access deneid not accessaible message. im using windows 10 but i have opened the drive on here before. its how i transferred my file from the old PC. can someone PLEASE HELP i have years of stuff on this drive and it WAS my backup…to my knowledge i have changed no settings or changed any typed of admin. privileges i am the admin as far as i know. 


We have passed this along to support.

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I forgot to also say that it tell sme it cant optimixw the disk becuase it cant see it, but at the same time it will defrag it. so it sees it but doesnt see it . very confusing and way over my head. please help

sorry for the typos…it cannot optimize because it doesnt exist but at the same time it will defrag it.

problem solved. not much of an answer as to how it happened but it was a problem with permissions. WD support contacted me and took remote control of my pc and fixed the problem. I was honestly surprised as this was purchased in excess of 6 years ago and they still helped me. thanks to the forum for the help !!