Access files from my cloud other than through app or software

I just purchased a new Lenovo Yoga 11s and it has very little internal storage. My original computer had a 500gb hard drive that was almost filled to capacity. I purchased the My Cloud 3tb drive to use as a backup device for multiple computers including this one.

I would like to be able to set it up so that instead of my files being stored on my Yoga, they are stored on the My Cloud Drive and I can access them anywhere. I know I can use the My Cloud software to access the files from anywhere, but what I would like to be able to do is access the files from other software applications. For instance, I have a lot of photos backed up from the old computer that I would like to be able to access from Windows Photo Gallery. I can make it find the folders on the drive when I am connected to the network direct, but I can’t get to them from another location over the internet.

I know there is a way to setup other drives connected to a network to be able to do this but can this be done with the My Cloud? And if so how? Can it be mapped with a domain?

Also another question. Is there a way I can set the My Cloud Device to backup my computer from another location. As far as I can tell you have to be connected to the Drives direct network to be able to back up but I would really like it to be backing up know matter where I am located. This was the original reason I purchased this drive in hopes of doing.

I have the My Cloud Drive hooked to a Linksys E4200 Wireless Router.

Thanks for any help!

You can map a remote share to your mobile Windows PC by using the web site, accessing your shares through the browser, and click on “connect” to the desired shared. You then get an SSL secured link directly to your remote share.

Accessing the shares with requires:

  • Java RE on the desktop,

  • Java security settings (in the Java control panel) to low,

  • Dismissing the security alerts about the server certificate,

  • Adding your remote device URLs to the security exceptions in the Java system tray control panel. You will see the URL in the browser URL box. The URLs will be like

8443 is the port the NAS 443 port is forwarded to, and 8080 is the port the NAS 80 port is forwarded to in this example

Without these settings, you won’t see the shares in the browser (errors).

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I am Computer Talk Illiterate. I keep getting the error I believe you are talking about. I hvae tried downloading and running the Java Plug in but it keeps coming up the message below, and no mater what I do it gives me an error.

In that window, check the option to accept the risk. There is a pb with certificates and code signing that WD will have to fix.

Then you should see the Java wheel kick in. If your have entered the URL exceptions as I indicated, you should be Ble to see your shares and then connect to them. At this point you will have a mapped drive that any app can use. With Win7 or 8, you can use offline folders to keep a copy of the network files on your PC. Win then sync the files when the server is connected. If 2 users uodate the same file and sync, Win sync will ask you how to resolve the conflict.

a note about the URL I describe above: you need to do this set up operation while you are remote, if you want to access the files while you are outside your home network, otherwise the URL will be a local URL.

I am having a hard time finding where I go to add the URL Exceptions.