About new firmware upgrade

Dear All,

I’ve used the WDTV Live HUB for approx.1 year. I’ve updated the firmware 2 times. But, I cannot update the last firmware 2.08.13. I’ve tried it online, it seems downloading the firmware but then it said, firmware connot update for network issue. But I can connect the online services with it (youtube, internet radios etc.). I tried to update with usb memory. When I try it, it seems like downloading online and said the same thing. How can I choose usb memory for updating? How can I solve?

Thank you in advance for your help

Unplug it from the network.

I tired it but I couldn’t do it.

To install the firmware via usb, download the firmware from HERE, then follow the instructions on that page.

Oh it’s very interesting solution :slight_smile: