Can't update from v2.07.17 to v3.12.13


I’ve got a never used WDTV Live Hub Media Center (circa 2010). I’m the original owner and is new in box. Trying to upgrade firmware from v2.07.17
There is no “firmware upgrade” tab available at all. I am successfully connected to the internet but net upgrade fails, so I am trying manual upgrade. I have unzipped v3.12.13 and placed it in the root dir on a USB stick and inserted it into Live Hub. It sees the drive but does nothing with it and gives me little to no info on screen except for asking me if I want to sync. Cancel gives me no options, sync does it’s thing but doesn’t give me any upgrade options. WD telephone tech support was unable to resolve. Any guidance from anyone?


Problem solved. My unzip utility automatically places unzipped files into a folder. The firmware update files cannot be in a folder when inserting the USB update drive. Firmware update screen appeared automatically upon insertion with the files existing independently. All went smoothly after that, and I am up and running 3.12.13