Haven't updated the firmware since i bough it (2.01.05)

So, i want to update it to the latest firmware ( 3.01.19)  Should i just straight update it to that?

I read so many horror stories of the new firmware screwing up their Hubs…

PS: i never use the streaming/online/WIFI services

Yes. I updated fine using the online mode. It does it all in stages. Just keep on updating from that menu as different versions show up.

but i don’t have an WIFI adapter, i don’t use the online options. I just upload content to the media through a good old ethernet cable. Should i update with an USB dongle directly to 3.01.19?

Easiest way is to have the hub connected to internet and update it that way. If it’s offline just go to:  http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/updates/?family=wdfwdtv_livehub

scroll down to “How to Install the Product Update:” and follow the instructions.

Good luck!