A problem with WD Gold 12TB

I bought new internal WD gold 12TB i used it with case as external drive and it works well.
My PC is Win 10. i use it with 1TB SSD (with the OS on it) and a WD Black 6TB (for storage).
I tried to replace the WD Black 6TB with my new WD gold 12TB as internal drive. but the PC doesnt recognise the WD gold 12TB.
When i put the WD Black 6TB everything is ok.
When i put the WD gold 12TB bach in the external case it also works well.
why i can not use the WD gold 12TB as internal drive?

You might need a BIOS update for such a large SATA drive.

When you’re using it in an enclosure, it’s no longer SATA – your PC sees it as a USB device.

I updated the BIOS,
i can see the WD gold 12TB in the BIOS,
I can see it at the Disk Managment (it show 2 partitions 1 of 2048GB GPT ok, and the 2nd partition not allocated)
but i can not see it in the the explorer or to use it in any way

If this is a new drive, I’m surprised it has two partitions.

As long as there’s no data on there to worry about, delete both volumes and/orpartitions, re-partition it (if needed), and create an active volume, format it, and tell it to assign a drive letter.

Its not so new, i used it to transfer files from the old drive to the WD gold 12TB.
so i dont want to format it

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