A couple of questions regarding MyBookEssential 3.0, 3TB

I came home one day and my drive was no longer being detected by my computer.

I found this post here which gives step by step troubleshooting instructions.

  1. I plugged it into a wall outlet, but I don’t feel it vibrating. I never really noticed the vibration when it worked before, so I don’t know how noticeable the vibration is.
  • If I don’t feel it vibrating, does that definitely mean the drive is not “spinning up”? A light comes on inside and it appears to be on, but I don’t feel any vibrations. Is the vibration of it spinning up definitely noticable or is there a chance it is spinning up and I just can’t feel it?
  1. I assume it is not spinning up even though the light comes on inside.
  • I want to order a power cable to continue my troubleshooting, but WD appears to be out of stock. Should I wait or can someone point me to another power adapter that will work?

Thanks in advance.

If you connect the USB cable to the computer and don’t feel any vibrations, then the power cable or the my book itself might be faulty.