4TB Purple HD not recognised

I renew the HDD from my CCTV system. The drive is a WD 4TB purple for 24/7 surveillance systems, the DVR and a Computer does not recognise the drive, the drive I can hear it spinning when connected, any ideas please? It is a brand new drive.
What can I do please? I feel very let down…:disappointed_relieved:

Hi @anon65092861,

Please refer to the following article for troubleshooting steps as the drive is not getting detected:

Title: Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive
Link: Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive

Also, I request you to test the drive health status through Western Digital Dashboard.

Link: Testing a drive for problems using Western Digital Dashboard

Hello Neha
Thank you for trying to help.

Unfortunately the drive is not detected by the WD Dashboard. I have connected it to another laptop with no results either.
Physical inspection with magnifying glass, shows nothing obvious. pins, dents, scratches everything looks fine.
My Linux DVR with different cables does not see the drive!.
2 laptops windows 10, do not see the drive as well!.
I connect to the laptops with sata~USB adapter and with its own power supply (no supply from USB).

I would like to return it, but I don’t know how to manage with the Bulgarian/British customs and post sending and returning it back to me, (recently I was transferred to Bulgaria), the reason for the delay in notifying you. .
Unfortunately now it will be an expensive door stopper. It has never worked from the moment I cut open its plastic bag that it was in.

I am very disappointed indeed with this bitter experience and did not expect this from your famous company!

How can we make things right?

Best regards
John Papazoglou


I appreciate that you have performed the troubleshooting steps.

Please contact WD Technical Support about this for live assistance and troubleshooting:

To Contact WD for Technical Support


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