3TB Mybook not recognized

I have a 3TB USB3 external drive I recieved as a present over a year ago.  I have a bevy of external drives over the years, and I must say this one has been the most inconsistent.

I had setup issues (usually you just plug a drive in and it works) but eventually was able to use this drive for a time.

I was recently using it for a backup and mid-backup of numerous files the copy program “lost access” to the drive.  And sure enough it disappeared from and would not show up in my computer OR in device manager.  So it is not that strange things WD drives do where they won’t show up in my computer but are in device manager.

Any ideas?  It does not even give me a USB popup.

Quite frankly even if I get it to work I have so little faith that this drive will be there for me when I need to do a restore.

I am running it on a USB 2 hookup as I do not have USB 3 on my computer.  Also, I already tried a new cable.

Of course I am well aware that the drive could just have died…but with all the strangeness of just getting a mybook to appear I thought I would check first.

All ideas about running utilities, etc. don’t help much as the dirve is not visible.

The ironic thing is I am making a “Second” backup of some important files from my WD NAS!  :smiley_cat:

One more thing does that power button on the back really do anything?



Oh my, the same thing happened to me a few weeks back. Haven’t been able to rectify this issue and i have numerous backups! 

Last week I plugged it in after having been off for a while and i was able to access it on my laptop and in 5mins it just cut off. Right after that I noticed the light was on which meant the hd was getting power just my pc isn’t able to recognize it. Since then I’ve not been able to access it at all. Looking for a solution on this!!!

Sorry, I can’t add to the overwhelming number of tips! :smiley_cat:

I opened up the case, put the drive in a sata to USB caddy and…it would not even spin or power up.

Dead drive after 15 months.  Going to call WD but doubt much will be done.

Glad I did not have any irreplaceable data on it.

I threw an old 2TB drive in an enclosure I bought and it was recognized instantly, all good.