MyBook 4TB Not Recognized

So - I think all the steps have been covered, and I think it means my drive has failed… what I want to know (if anyone has alternate thoughts or insight):

The background:

My drive was working, I was listening to music stored on it, I paused a song - was doing something else, when I came back - the drive was being seen as a CD-Drive (ie: not accessible). I have been VERY careful with this drive - not moving it, making sure it’s not overheating, not disconnecting it so it won’t get jostled - it stays in one place, and is used almost exclusively for music and podcast storage/listening. What can have caused this?

My frustration (not important, but I need an outlet to vent a little) is based on the fact that I paid the RATHER large sum to have my data recovered a few months back, and the MyBook was my new backup solution. I started using it about 6 weeks ago - and suddenly it dies - and takes my rather expensive data backup with it. I’m not in a hurry to pay for that recovery again - but I also don’t REALLY want to lose the data that I paid for once already…

Steps I’ve taken:

• I rebooted the machine, and can’t even see the drive now.

• I tried a different power cable. I tried a different USB cable. Still not recognized.

• I plugged the drive into my laptop (PC based). Not recognized.

• I plugged the drive into my laptop (Mac). Not recognized.

• Ironically, when I got the drive and started using it 6 weeks ago - I bought a SECOND drive to make regular backups on and hadn’t had tim to rewire everything to get it installed - so I had a fresh drive I could test. It IS recognized.*

* I realize the brutal irony here - but genuinely assumed I had more than 6 weeks of working drive time to get the rewiring done (to avoid daisy chaining another power bar to get an open outlet)

Are there other things I can try? Will WD investigate the drive (I’ve filed a ticket) and replace parts WITHOUT formatting, or does sending it for service guarantee it will be formatted?

I’m open to suggestions… hoping to not have to eat the cost of my expensive data recovery AND my drive in the process. Not a cheap lesson to learn.


Any help greatly appreciated.

sorry to hear that.

suggestion: run the drive using WINdlg, warning: running it with windlg “MAY” cause more damage to the drive, and it may also fix it. use the quick test first, if it passes SMART then use extended test. since this is a large drive “IT WILL TAKE ALOT OF TIME” for it to finish. depending on the drives damages and the computers performance.

sending the drive for replacement would mean goodbye to your files. DONT SEND IT for replacement not until you get your files.

there are data recovery softwares that can be used. just try to google.