3 TB My book issues

I’ve had this My Book since around 2016, but it stopped working many years ago. It took a hit at one point, and for a time the drive didn’t seem to spin up but now it spins up just fine. The issue i’m having is that the disk wont mount. It is also not recognized by Disk Utility or any other recovery software.

It does however show up when i try to view it with WD Utility and another WD app, so clearly there is some connection being made.

The drive isn’t making any weird noises (no clicking, scraping, etc). It whirrs up and spins steadily.

There are some very important files on this drive, so i’d love to be able to recover them.


You could determine drive’s health status by running diagnostics using WD Drive Utilities.

A few 3rd party data recovery software to try: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/18754