Problems witk My Book

Hi everyone,
I’ve a little problem. My my book has not been mounted for a month. Disk Utility sees it and also wd drive utility but I can’t access it. The result of disk utility is the one attached: what can I do? Thanks


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Hi Riuma,

I would request you to try and connect the drive on a different computer in order to isolate the issue.

HI, just do it. Don’t change anything. I try to put the HD in external box, but it’s the same. I think that the HD is corrupted :frowning:

I am having the same issues.
I have the 8TB MyBook and it has been working fine for the past few weeks. All of a sudden I can’t access the data on it, but the hard drive is being recognized in Finder and WD Drive Utilities. It’s not letting me run diagnostics in the WD Drive Utilities App though… Very frustrating.