WD MyBook 3tb not opening on mac

Out of nowhere my 3 tb wd mybook has stopped showing up on my macbook pro. When I plug in the power cord and then plug in the usb, the drive will start spinning but it never opens under my devices. I tried plugging it into another mac, no good. When I tried a PC, there was a loading icon at the bottom loading the drive, but it never appeared on the computer as an external drive.

Prior to this, it would sometimes take 10 minutes to load on my computer. And no nothing. I am not sure if it was knocked over and this is the cause, or if it had somethin to do with me uploading my software on my mac to yosemite.

My whole life is on this stupid drive. If anyone has any advice on how to get my work off or how to repair it, please let me know.

Hello astuart911, welcome to the WD Community. Sorry to hear you cannot access your files. As a troubleshooting step, try connecting the My Book power cable directly to the wall and use another USB cable of possible. You can open the Disk Utility app and verify if it is recognized there, from here you can try to repair the drive. Check the link below for more information. 

How to test a drive for defects or problems on a Mac

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