3 Easystore 12T external hard drives repeatedly failed WD's Complete Drive Tests

I bought a new Easystore 12T from Bestbuy a few months ago, put it safely in a separate table (other than the desk that I use for works) so that it won’t be affected physically when it runs.

Its totally for backing up (with Time Machine), but then one day it became unusable reported by MacOS, it failed WD’s own Complete Drive Test repeatedly.

So I called WD for warranty service, one, two and now the third one is coming to replace the replacement hard drive!

All failed WD’s own Complete Drive Tests (repeatedly - i.e. I run it more than one time) - although they passed the Quick tests. All looked brand new when they arrive.

I suspect there’s something wrong with this line of hard drive.

I asked WD customer service if they will consider replacing it with another model, cause there have been consistent evidence that this hard drive is not right but was refused quoting WD’s Warranty Policy.

However, I believe WD should care about its customers’ satisfaction level, especially when multiple replacements (in this case three drives) have been failed.

Anyone have similar experience?


The environment in which the drives are operational may not be appropriate for maintaining good health status of the drive. Such factors include using a faulty USB port, a USB hub, bad USB cables or not safely ejecting the drives.

I’m so disappointed at WD that after waiting for so many days, only see such irresponsible reply, WD should really be careful about the responses of it’s staff left to the public.

Without checking with the customer, and no intention of investigating further, such words can only show that WD is not trying help in solving the problem, and I hope that does not represent WD’s corporate culture.

First of all, the “Environment”:

  • USB port
  • USB hub (not in use for the tests)
  • USB cable

are all the same while running repeatedly with different hard drives, including 10 other hard drives: WD’s My Passport Ultra and My Passport in different capacities (2TB, 4TB and 5TB), they all passed WD’s “Complete Drive Test”, except this Easystore 12TB, which failed repeatedly for all three drives I received.

Regarding “safely ejecting” the hard drive, especially the last two replacements Easystore 12TB, they were tested thoroughly before actually being used daily, and yet failed the tests right after they were received, so there were no such situations that the hard drives were ejected unsafely.

I suggest WD further inspect this line of hard drive, and respond responsibly instead of just trying to brush off it’s responsibilities.