Easystore is junk

It’s probably too late to warn others who will not have checked this forum before buying an easystore 2TB external drive. But, if you are considering one, stay away. I purchased one on 3/16/2020. I started to use it yesterday and transferred a large amount, close to 500 MB of personal data from an old drive including tax information. This morning, around 10, I started to add additional data from another drive and this junk just died. All I get is an internal hard ware error and clicking from the drive.
WD support tried to help, but they concluded the drive was dead. They’ll replace it, but I have to send the bad drive back. Sure, if it was anything but personal data I would. But to expect someone to let that out of their control is stupid and living in a dream world that the possibility exists that they can be sure the information wont be stolen.

So I’m done with Western Digital. I’ve probably purchased 50 of their drives over the years.

What alternatives do you think WD (or any Hard Drive Manufacturer) should offer in the event of a bad hard drive ? Send you a new one, and take your word the other is faulty ?

So, you get one bad apple and then decide to stop buying apples … makes sense :wink:

I’ve bought WD for years as well and only had one go bad … Seagate gates on the other hand, i’ve had at least half a dozen of those go bad, and that’s when i decided to only purchase WD from then on.