2.5 WD Elements drive WDBAAU0025HBK

Does anyone tested if 2.5 T WD Elements Desktop WDBAAU0025HBK works fine with WD TV Live Streaming Media Player ?
I searched on list of compatible devices for WD External USB Hard Drives supported (answer ID 5688 on WD’s knowledge base) and the biggest drive WDBAAU supported is 2T.
Can you recommend any other manufacturer’s 2-3 T drive tested ?

Thanks !

I’ve been using a WD Elements 3tb drive connected to the back of the Live SMP and it works just fine.

Thank you,

As I read on that forum, seems that WDLS USB ports are not the same, depending of what kind of media is used.

I asked that question because I already have an 750 G Elements portable (powered by USB) not listed in WD compatibility sheet. That one also seems to be fine but never finished compiling media library :cry:

I understand WD that in compatibility list are just WD :wink: but I think would be nice if we can make a poll with non WD drives tested by users (also with those tested that didn’t work !). Sorry if already exist that, I didn’t find it.

Best !