Compatible WD USB HDD's

Hi - can anyone confirm if the WD Elements SE 500GB (WDBPCK5000ABK) drive works OK on the WDTV Live using the rear USB Port?

I have found a list of compatible drives ( WDTV Compatible HDDs) and was planning on getting the WD Elements Portable (WDBAAR5000ABK), however the supplier says they the can longer get them, but can supply the WD Elements SE 500GB (WDBPCK5000ABK) instead.

However, the SE drive is not on the list and is also USB3.0 which I’ve heard is causing some problems for WDTV Live boxes when using the rear USB port. (this may have been fixed since I read those posts).

The unit is a UK model, running the latest firmware.

Any help appreciated.

May be a difference between models SMP ending with “01” and “00”(revision “01” and “00”).

WD Elements SE 500GB (WDBPCK5000ABK) drive do not work if you have model SMP ending -01
This issue described in details here:

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Thanks for the reply.  The units are all WDBGXT0000NBK-01 - so I doubt it will work as planned.  Shame really, they are very capable SMP’s with some silly glitches that should have been picked up in testing.

I tried my StarTech USB3.0 enclosure with a 2TB drive in it, and had the same result as you when using the rear USB Port.  MP4’s, MKV’s, AVI’s, M4V’s all had the same result.

USB3.0 seems to be on everything these days as it supports 2.0 connections, surprised a small manufacturing change managed to cause such a problem.

I will get a 2.5" 500Gb WD HDD (Caviar AV Green - WD5000BUCT) and put it in an Akasa Noir USB2.0 enclosure.

Thanks for the help.