WD TV Live won't recognise my WD Elements External Hard Drive

Hi there,

I just updraded from the standard WD Media Player to the WD TV Live and now the player only recognises one of three of my WD External Hardrives (one of the older versions wth the rubber ends). I thought it may be the small ‘_wd’ folder’ that the original media player places on the hard disc when you plug them together so I deleted these folders from the WD external hard drives but it still wont work. Its not a faulty port on the player as Ive tested this and there is nothing wrong with the other external drives as Ive tested these on my laptop?

Cn anyone offer any ideas or solutions?


Hi! I have the same problem. I used to enjoy my media file from another smaller hard drive, but two days ago got a 2 TB WD Elements that did not worked and not been recognised by WD TV Live. It works fine with my laptop. There is a discussion that WD TV Live have problem with hard drives bigger than 2 TB. Can WD folks fix it?


It may be related to this issue:


I spoke to the technical support desk about this today and    as TonyPH suggests, the solution offered was to reformat the troublesome drives (easier said than done when you have 4tb of data and only 3 hard drives)

Also regarding the recognising 2TB issue, they stated that “currently the firmware does not support drives over 1.5TB”. (despite my 2tb drive working fine on my old WD 1080P media player).  They are looking to update the firmware in the ‘near future’…

Thanks for your response.

Regarding recognising the 2TB external drive issue - I tried this yesterday with my new (as of Jan 2011) HD Live Player and it recognises my new 2TB WD Elements external drive fine…

However it doesnt recognise my other 2TB Elements so Im formatting this one. Hopefully that will solve it.

Thanks! I got a reply for my request to WD support to write zeroes to the hard drive using data life gaurd tools for Windows, but after that even my laptop “cannot see” the drive. Still I believe that it can be reformatted in Windows 7. I will soon come back & tell what happened. Bye now, Reza