Wd tv live

Hi Roomies,

I just got this HD media player and is not recognizing my 2TB hard drive. Can someone help me please?

My 2TB HDD is also WD Elements Desktop-WDBAAUOO20HBK , my pc is WinXP64bit.


  • pls check : all available updates for you pc [xp]

  • pls format disk [ntfs] again

  • pls check this special soft named Discovery [or something] provided with WD 

  • what is your connection - a router ?

  • pls check firewall

  • pls check dns server functionality

  • pls check if other for example usb drives/flashes works [when plugged into wd - and if available on screen of your pc - if you are having network]

  • pls try to unplug the wd player [at the back , from the electricity and back plug again]



Check this KnowledgeBase article


10:1 odds that’s the issue.