New WD TV Live and new WD Elements 2TB USB HDD do not work together

Hi all,

I just bought a brand new WD TV Live to replace my WD TV box and have just hit a nasty hard brick wall. As well as buying the new TV Live I also purchased a 2TB WD Elements USB HDD and after a lot of time have moved all my media to it. Now when I finaly come to plugging it in I find that the TV Live doesnt recognize it at all. A quick google reveals that I am not the only one and the only possible fix that I can see is to reformat the drive using 64K chunks instead of 512k. Even then I am not sure it will definately work. Is there a fix in the works for this (I have the latest firmware) or some other remedy (does the B-RAD WDLXTV-LIVE fix this?). Any help would be most appreciated. I’m quite surprised being an R&D person that WD has let such a thing happen given they make both devices and would assume thats what most people would probably buy.



I think your Google result is on the right path, but it’s the wrong answer.

Here’s WD’s answer:!&p_li=&p_topview=1

**bleep**, I was hoping not to have to reformat it. That **bleep** big time. I think I will have to buy another drive (probably not a WD out of shear anger), reformat it to be sure and then copy all my stuff that I have spent the last 24hours moving and sorting from other drives and shares. What a turdburger.

If any WD engineers are reading this, spend some time patching this bug as it makes WD look pretty freakin stupid to sell devices that dont work together but will with their competitors hardware. /rant

Thanks TonyPh12345

I have got the same problem and lost trust in WD. Which genuis decided to preformat the HDDs recommended for use with TV Live in a way which is not  supported by the device?  If it is a known problem, why there is no sticker on HDD warning in bold that HDD has to be re-formatted before use?

There is a plenty of other suppliers  of similar or better devices on the market who care about customers more than WD, and have smarter people not making such mistakes.

I lost a day yesterday copying my stuff to the new Elements drive and troulbeshooting the issue, and life is too short to waste it on such stupid things!