3TB Hard Drive Issue Solved?

I have the most current version of the WD TV LIVE streaming player (purchased mid 2012) with the latest firmware (1.12.14).  I’m considering getting a WD Elements 3TB hard drive to connect via USB.  I’ve read conflicting reports on whether the WD TV Live will support 3TB drives.  I read that this issue may have been solved with a firmware update, but that some are continuing to have issues.

Any definitive answer on whether this is a problem-free experience or not?

Thanks much.

I recently purchased the WD Elements 3TB hard drive which I have connected to the rear via USB. So far it works well. However, I’ve read here that there may be a problem with USB 3.0 on the rear port. For that reason, I purchased the USB 2.0 version.

An what about the WD Elements 4TB?

Someone has tried it or knows if it works properly?

Thanks in advance.