1.04.10 causes mkv freezing

New firmware 1.04.10 causes freezing mkv files via network sharing in windows 7. Video goes well first 5 sec, after that time it starts to go one frame per second. Connection is good, I downgraded firmware to previous one, everything is OK now.

I have EXACTLY the same problem since upgrading. I have 400plus .MKV videos, so its a major issue. What can I do…how do I go back to last rev firmware?

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How do I roll back to the previous firmware on a WD TV Live HD Media Player or WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player?


Thanks…Rolled back fine, fixed the video issue, but now have VERY flaky connections to my W7 media player (centre). It just stops on its own. Network shares is connecting OK, but slow. OK before rollback.

 I’ve spent days on this thing, with streaming issues. Standalone its fine, but networking is so intermittent. Taking off windows live essentials also helped.

Its not stopped raining here in Queensland, if this carries on it will be in my overflowing pool!!

Having the same issue. I rolled back and my MKVs are freezing after about 30 seconds. Not just MKVs either, my AVIs and ISOs are not playing as well. Worked perfectly when I took it out the box and before I screwed it up with the update. Not sure what to do now, probably return it and see if I can get a fresh one.

reset to factory defaults and redoing your settings will probably take care of this.

i have no issues with my MKV’s with dts or dd audio. i am on a gigabit netork at my house.  i dont think it should matter though.

i also run 2 wdtv lives with HP home media server.