Firmware BUG Confirmed V1.04.10 MKV files network share

I have two WDTV Live units.  I always upgrade 1 first, never at the same time.  New firmware 1.04.1 MKV network shares files play and then loose audio and stutter almost immediately.  V 1.03.49 plays same files perfectly.  Please fix.  Thanks.

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Unfortunately, my experience is completely different from yours.  As you can tell by my Signature, the majority of my library is MKV, and they’re stored on a NAS.   I haven’t had a single issue in 1.04.10 related to what you describe.

So, you’re going to need to narrow down the specifics before you can say there’s a “Confirmed Bug.”  All you’ve done is indicate symptoms.  You haven’t identified a reproducible problem.

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The problem can be reproduced on my system every time…with every MKV.  What information do you need…My MKV’s are stored on a windows XP Pro machine.  The file is shared.  They work fine on the old firmware, not the new.  What other information can I provide to help confirm this and fix this.  Thanks.   

Edit*  I have an old 80GB NAS in a closet someplace.  I could get this out and move a few files to it and see if it works.  Would this help identify the problem?

also got stuttering/freezing trying to play mkv 720p/1080 from my server…(running win2003)…

will roll-back to previous fw to check…

EDIT: yeah…problem gone when roll back to 1.03.49


I am also having trouble playing some mkv files from my WD My Book World Edition NAS drive.

I thought I was going crazy. I have had this issue since upgrading. Mkv files will play fine for a few minutes and then slow right down and then freeze. The only way to fix it is to stop and resume then it takes a few seconds to start the file again. This hasn’t happened using USB drive only over Ethernet or wireless. I am considering reverting firmware but then I would have problems playing my mkvs files altogether. I do believe this bug is confirmed if so many people are having the same problem.

I have the same issue trying to stream over ethernet from both a mac pro and window7 netbook. it was rock solid before the update.  Playing from a usb drive plugged in is faultless.

i did try the restore to default settings idea others have suggested and everything seems fine again. Took no more than a minute to put settings back the way I like them. I will update this reply if I have any more issues.

Is that restore to default setting with the latest firmware or taking it back to a previous firmware?

Go into settings and choose restore to default settings after you update. You can always revert back if you need to. Restoring do default settings wont take you back to old firmware.

So with the latest firmware it resolves the glitchy playback?

Hector_M wrote:

So with the latest firmware it resolves the glitchy playback?

Resetting may or may not work but its always a good thing to do if you have problems and thats why its there.

for me so far so good but like i said i will post again if it starts acting up again.

OK resetting did not work so i’m going back to the previous firmware again. The current firmware has a major bug with streaming from SMB shares.

I can confim this same fault when playing VOB files:

  • Stuttering
  • loss of audio during the stuttering
  • Pauzing or rewinding solves this momentaritly but it returns very quickly

My system is a Windows XP desktop where I simply share a folder.

When I directly connect a disk to the player the same VOB’s play without a hitch. This bug was not present in the previous beta firmware.

confirmed…studdering on VOB files…even super small ones.  It appears the more complex video with sounds causes studdering.  Only happens on the network since external usb hard drive works perfect.  Perhaps the audio tracks start to hiccup and that blows up the video tracks…my best guess.

Only test VOB files and tested some MKV.  Seems more problem on VOB…but that perhaps more due to content than format.

I thought it was my router…

I thought it was my cable since I just did a 100 ft run upstairs to downstairs.

network appears to be slower under 1.04.1…and thus…all them goodies like keyboard will just have to go…I like running off a network…so bye bye to old version

Went back to 1.0349 version…I take this version just to keep my network happy.  It works…so I wait for a new firmware…besides the new firmware breaks playon…so I figure WD has a lot of work ahead.

I can confirm that the playback from an SMB share on a Windows XP is erratic with firmware 1.04.10. All issues reported here (stuttering, loss of audio) happened also with me. Rolling back to 1.03.49 solves these problems.

On the other hand, with firmware 1.04.10 I was able to play a Bluray ISO backup via SMB network without any stuttering. This is not possible with firmware 1.03.49. So it seems to me that WD improved ISO playback via network with firmware 1.04.10, but broke all the rest of the network playback.

I believe that firmware 1.04.10 changed the way that WDTV caches network data. It seems to be caching more data than the previous firmware versions, but it also seems it is still a buggy implementation…

Anyway, just guessing about the reasons, since the fact is that 1.04.10 is a huge regression in terms of network playback.


Just wanted to update.  I was waiting for new firmware to fix this.  Well it didn’t.  I’m still having issues.  I finally did a reset.  It did not help.  When I start a MKV file from a network share…I can tell it’s not going to work by how long it takes to buffer before it starts.  To reconfirm i have no issues streaming MKV’s on a different WDTVLIVE unit with older firmware on my network from the windows xp network share.  The unit with the new firmware will reproduce the problem every time with every MKV.  When you play it starts as early as 30 Seconds to have problems or sometimes will take 2 minutes…regardless it always has problems.  I know I can revert to an older firmware but I like the new Flingo, Mediafly fixes, Facebook and Flingo.  I wish we could get someone to look at this.  To moderators and the WDLive engineers, I am happy with my units, they do what I bought them for…I appreciate the new added functionality…I just wish it worked like it used to with the new features.  I will revert to old firmware and wait to try the next one!!!  Everyone who reads this that has issues, please post so that it stays fresh…and thus may be seen.

after a couple of days everything went back the way it was. mkv’s stutter and freeze but only over network. new update wont fix this. seems like most hi def movies have this problem.

no better with the newest update. mkvs stutter so much that it completely cuts out audio… mkvs over 10gb anyway