Youtube problems

I know the youtube issue has been reported multiple times on this forum. I’ve contacted WD myself to find out about the solution for this problem. When I emailed WD support, here is the response I’ve received.

Dear Valued customer,

We are currently aware of this issue and our software engineers are looking for a solution. Engineers are working on a new firmware update to address this issue, but the ETA is not known at the moment. The device is still supported by WD and has not reached its End of Life status, so the update will be released in the future. In the meantime, go ahead and check out the new WDTV 2013 edition! Our support team can provide you a coupon code if you are interested! Just let us know.

Why does WD think I am going to purchase their new product if I have horrible experience with the current product?

Also, I think it’s wrong for support staff to work on sales… just my opinion.

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One user was told by support: “We do not have any plans for new firmware update for this device.”.

After that another user was told they were working on a new FW update and now they told you the same.

There are issues that need fixing, better late than never, thanks for sharing.

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If I understand correctly, this youtube issue cannot be fixed without a firmware update directly from WD?

I have no idea if it’s a local app in the FW or if it’s a browser app downloaded like this:

Either way, WD makes wdtv and advertises youtube service, so it’s up to them to make it work in wdtv.

The reboot problem that I have in youtube, they said they fixed it in WDTV (not our model) last FW:

Resolved YouTube Leanback causing WD TV to reboot

G83917 wrote:> …check out the new WDTV 2013 edition…

Didn’t the WD TV Meida Player come out in 2014 and we are now halfway thru 2015 so new is hardly the operative word here!

If the WD LS is still a live product and a bug fix is due then hurrah - but they only have 2 months left before it is a full year since the last firmware came out so they have certainly been taking their sweet time about it.

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This model is called the Live SMP, FYI.

To be a pedant then then at least be correct. This product is long windedly called the

    WD TV® LIVE™ Streaming Media Player

as per last User Manual, Feb 2014.

the ‘new’ product is the

   WD TV™ Media Player

per its User Manual too.

I think the abreviation WD LS identifies the product fine, especially wrt to the newer one which is just confusing being a subset of the previous model! The full abreviations WDTVLSMP & WDTVMP are just awful.

I note many posts in the other forum are concerning the WD LS and arent being moved across to here. Also surprising to see that the WD TV have had no new firmwares since the Dec one that fixed many of the issuses we have on our box. So WD are also being mean with the money to hire some contractors to enhance/fix their only selling media player. Not a great sign for us over here in the rest home of product support to be honest. Back in the day we used to get one a month - adding something and breaking something else!

ps: did anyone notice the Youtube Leanback Settings menu moved recently. When the new red menu style appeared a few weeks back, I had to scroll one by one thru two dozen subscriptions and recomended entries to get to settings, now its half a dozen away from the top. Cool what Google can tweak in the app that hasnt changed in 10 months!

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AlcAm wrote:
I think the abreviation WD LS identifies the product fine

Fine by me. Nobody else does, though. They all abbreviate it to SMP no matter what the fll name in the manual says.

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