Wdtv live doesn't play Youtube

I have reset/hard reset, deleted youtube and it goes into YouTube, I get a list of videos ,choose a video , blank screen with nothing. The I press “options” and it shows an right arrow with a white line across it forever. Is YouTube still playable on wdtv live? Is it my network. It played videos fine yesterday. Nothing has changed. I hook it through HDMI. How do I solve this? (Besides throwing it out and getting a Roku box.)

Youtube most probably has.

Youtube rolls out updates all the time … Western Digital doesn’t update WD TV’s anymore to deal with these changes.

The old Youtube App was removed from WD TV support … so i assume Youtube Leanback is the one that’s next.

I have exactly the same problem you have. Everything was working perfectly until Friday Jun 19th. Were you able to solve this?

No I wasn’t able , did you come up with something?

Is there a work around for this? John

YouTube rolls out updates all the time , wd quit supporting wdtv . They haven’t updated this since2011.

buying a device that currently supports Youtube and updates is the only work around

cheapest device would be an Android Box or Roku

or anything else on Youtubes “Supported Device” webpage … https://tv.youtube.com/learn/devices/

I encounter same problem video in youtuve unable to play. But before every thing is perfect i can play any video i want to watch… Is there any suggestion how can i solve this froblem… My firmware virsion is 1.03.07.even in my cellphone i can’t cast the youtube now… Thank you

No, my friend. I am just hoping that Youttube miraculously makes something and makes it work, but I am hopeless. Tell me if you find a solution different than buying a new device

Thank you my frend that you reply to my concern… I also try to testing my unit to my frend. He also have wd tv media player old model but still running. Even in his tv my wd player not working to his tv… Hopefuly sooner can fix this problem.

Same issue here. I’m using the WD TV Live 3rd Gen version.

Did anyone find a resolution yet?

I suspect it’s a compatibility issue since the latest version released on June 15th 2020 - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.youtube.tv&hl=en_IE

So I think the question is - can we rollback to the previous version of Youtube?

The Google play store link above states that YouTube for Android TV requires Android 5.0 and above - but I have no idea which version of Android these WD TV Live 3rd Gen boxes are installed with.

Just to add, I tried rolling back to a few previous firmware’s (2.02.32, 2.01.86, 1.16.13) but I couldn’t even open Youtube with any of these.

The Youtube app version in the media player itself is web_20200624_00_rc00.
I assume that indicates the date of the update - 2020 06 24. But I can’t see any option to roll this back.

Netflix is still working on it but maybe time to invest in a new product :pensive:

Hi, Rico. Does your friend have a WD TV Live? Which firmware has he installed on it?

WD TV has not Android inside. It is a propietary WD software. It seems that Youtube changed something to its app that makes WD didn’t work anymore.

That’s what I was going to do, but you saved my time and effort in an useless activity. It’s a shame. Unless an advanced user modifies the WD firmware in his free time and share it with the community, we depend on Youtube that modifies its app and now makes it work

I already brought Google crome to solve my problem bro.

Without doing anything, Youtube got back to live as it was before. Everthing works OK now. It seems Youtube modifies something and corrected the issue.

Yes, now working perfect here too. It appears that they released a new patch this week on June 30th - web_20200630_00_rc00. YouTube must have read these forums and immediately made changes :joy:

Thank you wd company. now i can use again my wd tv… More power. I can enjoy now again watching videos, movies in youtube

Bro i can play now the videos in youtube. Thanks to wd company. Enjoy watching everyone