Youtube freezes black screen in WD TV Live

Since a couple of days ago, I am not able to play Youtube videos in my WD TV Live. It is WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (Gen 3) with 2.03.20 firmware.

The youtube app loads normally and display the video thumbnails, but then I try to play any video, the screen remains black forever. I use Youtube Leanback (the red logo one).

Everything was running OK, until a couple of days. I have five WD TV Live connected at home and the issue happens in all of them.

What can I do to correct this?

Report it to Youtube … WD no longer support WD TV media players, so there’s nothing they can do about it.

and Youtube can’t support old discontinued hardware forever.

They updated their Official Android App June 19th 2020 to support changes

WD TV Live Streaming Firmware was last updated April 4th 2016 which is the Final Firmware the discontinued product will receive … if Youtube make changes which break the WDTV version of the App, then there’s nothing you and wd can do about it.

Except, you can buy a current device that supports Youtube and has the ability to update the app whenever Youtube roll out a new version.

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Thanks for your reply, Joey.

Surely my problem must be related to that updated you mention. June 19th 2020 was the exact day my WD TV stopped working properly with Youtube. I’ll contact Youtube begging they could give me some advice.

Is there anyone among the community who develop unofficial WD firmware updates to solve these issues?


You could try to download the video and then play it from your gallery. I had the same problem some time ago, and I was really niggled by it. I searched for solutions, and one of my friends suggested that I download the video first and then play it. He even recommended these universal converters that help you transform files from Youtube to mp3. Since then, I have downloaded a lot of music from youtube to enjoy it even if I have no internet connection. Sometimes I even download podcasts with notorious people and listen to them while driving to work or on trips.