WDTV Live - Yesterday YouTube app worked, today I get black screen

Firmware: 2.03.20 PN: wdbhg70000nbk-01

Absolutely no changes made on my end. The screen isn’t blank. It looks like the text of the thumbnails on YouTube are there, just no formatting or graphics. Videos will play but start/stop a lot.

Is there a fix for this? So far I haven’t found any fixes. It looks like the problem comes and goes on it’s own…

Thanks in advance!

I have the exact same problem, which started today in the morning in 2 equipments I own.

It seems to me that youtube changed something.

The youtube leanback app might need to be updated using a firmware update.

Don’t just tell me that there’s no support.

It started working again. I don’t know what changed, but Youtube Leanback is working again.

Let’s see how long it works.