Youtube upgrade not compatible with WD TV Live streaming?

I watch Youtube videos on the WDTV using the regular app, not the Leanback app.  The Leanback is nicer looking and all but locks up on me so I don’t use it.  Within the last couple of days, I noticed a Youtube video that always appears first that states:

“Youtube is upgrading to a newer version, which is not compatible with this device or app.” 

After looking around a bit, it seems that Youtube made some changes that are supposedly not compatible with the WD TV Live Streaming device.  It still seems to work, but I have seen statements that this was supposed to take effect 4.20.15.  Does anyone know more about this and if it will affect our devices.  I am using the 2.01.86 FW.


Hello RMR57, have you noticed any options that are not working anymore? 

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No, it seems to be working like before, but I’m wondering if this isn’t part of Youtube’s advance warning before it starts to not work.  Here is the page that Youtube tells you to go to for more details, but it doesn’t say anything specific about our device on this page:

The message in the Youtube app itself does say though that the upadated Youtube version is not compatible with this device, so I’m not sure what will eventually happen.

Has anyone else seen this?

Well I now can answer my own question.  The regular Youtube app now will not access any Youtube vids.  Since the leanback is unusable due to it causing lockups within minutes, I now cannot watch Youtube videos using my WDTV Live Streaming.  Very disappointing.

I’m using the Live Hub version 3.12.13 and can no longer use the Western Digital youtube app but still use the leanback. I have no trouble with it but despite it looking better, isn’t as user friendly IMO-

I have two WDTV Live devices which are not working with YouTube from last weekend. Hope there will be new firmware upgrade to resolve the issue soon.

I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t expect anything to be done about Youtube since Leanback Youtube “works”.

Thank you reporting the issue with the YouTube App in WD TV.

Certain older YouTube apps will no longer be supported by YouTube after April 2015. For more info, please visit:

The YouTube Leanback App is still fully functional in the WD TV Media Players.

“Fully functional” is really pushing it since Youtube Leanback will freeze up the box after a few minutes.

Any update on this issue guys ??