YouTube Leanback

I’ve just updated my old WDTV Live to firmware 1.06.43. It’s nice to see that WD is still releasing updates for the old WDTV Live. Unfortunately, while most things work pretty well, the new YouTube Leanback is not working. I have activated my account from a PC. All I get are grey boxes where my favorites and subscriptions should be. If I enter items in search nothing happens. Videos show up in the normal channels, but they don’t play. I have signed out and reactivated, reset the WDTV back to defaults, but I still have the same problem. I rolled-back to the 1_06_15_V and the old pre-Leanback YouTube app works normally.

I have the same problem with YouTube Leanback on my Live HUB, but at least the old normal YouTube app is there as well as the Leanback. Has anybody else had this problem with Leanback and did they manage to fix it?


Hi, try pressing the reset button.