Xbox one doesn't want to format my Passport Ultra

I have the newer My Passport Ultra 2TB external HD that I purchased to use for expanding the storage on my Xbox One but when I plug it in with the USB 3.0 cord it doesn’t give me the option of reformatting it to the Xbox One on the initial plug in with a pop-up. When I go into settings-system-storage-manage storage it doesn’t give me the option of formatting it there either but the Xbox is reading it as a media storage device for like pictures and stuff but no games. I’m meeting all the requirements for an external storage device which are- must be USB 3.0 and 256GB or larger HD. I’ve tried using the other USB ports on the Xbox, I ran diagnostics on the HD and it came back with no problems. My HD is not the WD passport x, I wouldn’t think that should really matter though, although I guess I could be mistaken. (It has happened once before but that was a long time ago) If anyone can shed some light on my little dilemma I would really appreciate the insight. Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

I did not have this issue, however i did not use a My Passport with my Xbox one, check on this link to see if this is helpful for you:

Lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

Thanks but I have already tried everything on the Xbox support page, I’m just about to the point of purchasing a different brand of external HD

Did you get any luck with this, as I’ve just purchased the same drive and am having the same problems.

Believe it or not after about a month of screwing with it and not having any success i was plugging the ■■■■ thing into the usb 3 cord that plugs into my xbox one when i suddenly realized that i wasn’t using the usb 3.0 cord that came with my external hd and after i switched cords my hd worked like new again. I couldn’t freaking believe it, after all that time and actually thinking that I’d tried different cords when really i switched cords before i started having problems. Sometimes we overlook the easiest and simplest solutions even when their right under our noses