How do I format my 4TB passport to my XBOX 1?

I’m using my Passport to make more room on the kids Xbox. can I just hook it up and format it that way or do I have to format it with my computer first? it seems a silly question but the passport we have on the Xbox now isn’t recognized by the Xbox and I just don’t want to hook this one up and it get screwed up. Any advice that’s helpful is appreciated, thank you

Hook it up the Xbox and let it prepare and format it.

Have you tried changing the USB Cable ? Is the LED on the Passport blinking or solid white ?


if you don’t care losing the games/data on it … plug it back into a PC, and go to Disk Management (the drive won’t appear in Windows Explorer) and Format/Partition for use with Windows.

Check the drive for errors and SMART values if all good, put it back in the Xbox and format it to try using it again.

Whenever an external hard drive is attached to the Xbox One and chooses to format it for use with the console, the system changes the formatting of the drive to the one that the console uses. Once this is done, your PC will not recognize the drive for data storage.

To enable to use the drive again on your PC, it must be re-configured using ‘Disk Management’ tool. If your hard drive is in working order, it will be detected in Disk Management and you will be prompted to ‘Initialise the device’. This will then make the drive available in Windows.

Hope it will help!