Reformat 3tb passport ultra , help!

hi, i’m new to the community and need some help. i bought a passport ultra to save home movies and pics. i wanted to b able to use it on my xbox one to wathc the home movies on the tv, as well as my computer. in the past the xbox had me reformat the the thumb drives to read them and then it would work fine . but this time it did the usual and asked if i wanted to format it , so i did it and it instead turned into a storage device only for the xbox games. it know longer is recognized under devices with removable storage on the computer , to add folders and etc. it only appears in the device and printers section. i do not know how to reformat it back to the way it was right out the box. to wear the computer recognized it and can put folders in it .please help , i really don’t want to buy another hard drive . they are expensive .

With the passport ultra connected to your PC (Windows in the example)

Click Start (bottom left) then Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

and you should see your HDD in there … and you will have to “initialize” it (right click and follow the prompts and then quick format it NTFS for Windows)

Here’s a youtube video if you prefer: