My Passport Ultra Xbox One Problem

Quick info:
I have had the external hard drive formatted for my xbox one, the day I installed it which was around 8 months ago. It has been working fine since. I have had many games installed onto the hard drive, and it worked perfectly.
Also, I opened it from the box and immediately plugged it into my xbox, and had my xbox reformat it.
Also, when i plug it into my computer (tried for the first time today), it says it exists, just not sure how to open its files. Just shows a picture of the passport ultra symbol under “devices and printers”.

Today (December 5th), i turned on my xbox, and noticed that none of my games were reading. I checked why, and noticed that my xbox one was not reading that i had an external harddrive.

So I called xbox support, and after a long time trying to figure things out, we come to the realisation that when my external hard drive (my passport ultra) is plugged in, that my xbox will NOT connect to the internet, it gives me an error saying “the xbox has a hardware issue, please get it checked”


when i turn on the xbox WITHOUT the hard drive, everything works perfectly, minus the fact that im missing my games of course, because they are installed on my hard drive.

My question:
Is there any sort of “update” possibly that im supposed to download to my hard drive? Where is it?
Or, is the hard drive broken?

New changes now:

The internet no matter what always works now (dont know what happened, but it fixed itself i guess?)
BUT, no matter what, the external hard drive is NOT being read.

I have two cables that fit into it, both of them dont help (I read trying a different cable, but did not help).

So basically, my only problem now, is my xbox one is NOT reading my external hard drive.

The WD My Passport Ultra is advertised, designed and optimized for computer use. While other devices may work with the unit, compatibility is not guaranteed even if it appears to work for a while.

The WD My Passport X on the other hand is advertised as compatible and optimized for the Xbox One.

Gaming Storage - My Passport X

I’d recommend confirming if the hard drive is recognized within Windows Disk Management (Not to be confused with the Device Manager). If the hard drive is detected then it is corrupted and should be reformatted. If the hard drive is not recognized in Disk Management (But it is on the Device Manager) then the hard drive has failed and should be replaced under warranty.

How to access Disk Management in Windows to manage hard drives

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