Wrong share folder deleted, please help recover

Tried to delete a share (Time Machine backup) however wrong share got deleted. Please can someone advice how to revere this share.

Hello shahtirathk,

Unfortunately, data of deleted share can’t be get revert back. You may try contacting Data recovery in this concern.

The single bay My Cloud device does not have a “recycle bin” feature like the multi bay units do. As such one is limited to one of a few options. Contact a data recovery service and pay them a large amount of money to attempt data recovery is one option.

Or one could remove the My Cloud hard drive from it’s enclosure and attempt to run a Linux data recovery program on the hard drive to see if it might be able to recover the deleted Share. Search the subforum (Magnifying glass icon upper right) for the many past discussions from people in similar predicaments as yours to see what they’ve tried.

If one has been using the Safepoint/Backup feature (in the My Cloud Dashboard) of the single bay My Cloud to backup the My Cloud to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud, one will be able to recover what ever was the last backed up data-point.

Thanks a lot all for your reply…