Write in a My Book Live HDD with USB dock

I’ve got my MBL dead after using 3 years. So I take out the 3TB HDD, and connect it to mac / pc with a USB dock. I hope to delete some files in the HDD and see if this helps to re-activate the MBL. I’ve tried a couple of softwares but none can write/modify/delete files in this HDD (EXT4).
I used Disk Internals Linux Reader on Windows, and it showed two 2TB raid0 disks with a EXT4 format /CacheVolume entry with all my familiar files. But it cannot delete files.
I installed FUSE on mac, but it loaded a linux file system with an empty /CacheVolume.
I tried with a VirtualBox with Ubuntu, and failed to load the disk.
Is there any software I can delete some movie / music /picture files in /shares? Thank you.


Since these units are in a different format I doubt you’ll be able to do this. However, there are many experienced users in this forum that may have tried this. Let’s see if they can share some insight about your request.