MBL HDD via caddy

My 2TB MBL recently failed to connect to the network and after many atempts to fix decided to take the HDD out and plug it into my USB caddy and try and retrieve some files that way.

After a bit of googling I found that because it needs to be Linux I needed some 3rd party software so downloaded Diskinternals Linux reader, which displays 2 dives both showing 2TB. When I click on one of them I get the below list.

I have trawled all these directories to find some of the files I know are stored on the drive but can’t find any. I know some are videos and imaged but using the search for even a jpeg of mp4 returns nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

Any one used this software and know which directories may be storing my files, if at all and how to restore them to my windows PC?

Thanks All

Google Linux Live CD (which is free)… you should have more luck running in a real Linux Environment than some crippled payware Linux Reader software for Windows.

Thanks. I found R-Linux worked better and I managed to get the files I needed.

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