Worst device My Cloud Home 6TB - not connecting with error that device might be offline or rebooting

I can access My Cloud Home via Laptop app WD Discovery through LAN only, and there is no connectivity through internet even for WD Discovery, also Mobile app or Online My Cloud portal are not able to connect neither on LAN nor through internet. On WD Support there is generic information related to this issue but no details to resolve it. It seems I have lost all my data.

There error on mobile app “Cannot Connect to My Cloud - Your My Cloud Home device might be offline or rebooting. Check that it’s plugged in and connected to the internet”

The device is plugged and internet is working fine.
Last night i checked the light was blinking(Slow Breathing)
In the morning the light was stable(Solid Light)

Till now I have not been able to resolve the issue and last night I opened a case with WD Support( DELETED ) for which there is no response. What WD don’t seem to understand is that people are not only losing money, they are losing their precious data. They paid a good amount for a poor performing device. Someone from WD has to reply and help people.

Hi asthos,

I have sent a message. Please check your WD Community Message Inbox.

Hi, i have same problem, do you have any solution ?

same problem , pls share solution!

Any solution to this yet? On the verge of ripping the drive out but concerned about losing all my data.