Wont power on or charge

I just purchased the hard drive and it won’t power on so I plugged it in to charge and the LED is a steady red and has been like this now for four hours. When I take it off charge and try to turn it on nothing happens and when I press the WPS button the LED still shows red like it’s not charged.

Hey, if this happened to me, I would return it to where I bought it and get a replacement. DOA out of the box is unacceptable.

I would not be surprised if during assembly someone forgot to plug the battery to to the PCB.

Not sure of other countries, but in the UK wish an issue like this the responsibility to sort things out also lies with you you purchased the MPW from.

Definitely get it changed for another.

Hi guys and thanks so much for your responses. I’m living out in Moscow, Russia and only bought it today so will return to the shop tomorrow and seek for a replacement and have it checked in the store to save this happening again. So summing up you think it’s sure to be faulty and nothing I can do my end Myron to fix it?

Thanks very much for your support.


Well, it’s not charging at all out of the box. you don’t have to use the USB 3 cable to charge it. I use a USB 2 cable with a MicroUSB connector to charge mine and a plug-in USB power-supply that can give 2 amps, but 500mA should be sufficient to put some sort of charge in the MPW.

Not charging out of the box is quire a bad problem. Needs sorting out so I would at first see if the shop will swap it for another and if not, try an RMA direct with Western Digital.

There is not much you can do with it if it’s not charging except to get it exchanged.